Full/Complete dentures and partial dentures are removal restorations designed to replace missing teeth. They are removable or can be taken in and out of the mouth, especially at night. Partial dentures get anchorage and stability by holding on to other teeth. Dentures take time to adapt to. After a period of transition and adaptation, the patient can function, smile and eat with more confidence.

At Lakeside Dental Designs, we strive to fabricate a denture that is customized to your face and jaw. When made properly, it is nearly indistinguishable from natural looking teeth. You and Dr. Minh Dinh will work closely alongside each other to create your very own, personalized denture esthetics. We use the best clinical techniques, labs, material and teeth to create a denture that is stable, retentive and life-like.

We create our denture with care and detail. We strive to make a denture that is retentive, stable, functional and beautiful. A beautiful fitting denture can shave off many years off your face! Your face will look better, your smile will be gorgeous, beautiful and hopefully the envy of other people. Our goal is not only to give you new teeth, but it is our hope and mission to give you a restoration that can open up a new level of confidence in yourself and higher and stronger self-esteem for you.

Fix Implant Dentures

Dr Minh C Dinh Best dentistImplant dentures are like fix bridges that are supported usually by 4 to 6 implants on either the upper and lower arch or both arches. They are the BEST OPTION to replace multiple missing teeth.  Fix implant dentures are fixed to implants inside the mouth. This fix hybrid denture can only be removed by your dentist. They are also known as All-on-4 on “Teeth in an Hour). They are very stable, highly aesthetic, comfortable and they essentially mimic your own natural teeth. There is minimal bulkiness of material compare to traditional dentures and overdentures. Due to their advantages and complexity in fabricating them, they are also the most expensive. Fix implant dentures will restore your quality of life and ability to eat and smile just like the time before you had lost your teeth. This treatment is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Dr. Minh Dinh is trained to prepare your case well and get predictable results.


Dr Minh C Dinh Peabody MA boston MA Best dentistry Best dental office Best DentistAn overdenture is a denture (partial or complete) that snaps onto two or more dental implants. The implants help stabilize and retain the denture in the mouth. In other words, the implants prevent the denture from rocking,  moving and losing its grip on the gums. Especially when chewing, speaking and smiling. At Lakeside Dental Designs, we believe that all lower dentures should be attached to at least two to three implants. Lower dentures are considered “floating dentures” without dental implants. It is strongly recommended to get at least 2 to 4 implants for the lower jaw to prevent a “floating denture” and at least 4 implants on the upper jaw for an upper implant overdenture that has an open palate (roof of the mouth). If your existing denture is still in good condition, we can even retrofit it to implants! We are excited to explore these options with you!

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