Invisalign is a system of clear plastic trays used as orthodontic devices; essentially Invisalign acts as clear braces. Invisalign trays fit precisely over your teeth and move your teeth gradually to an ideal arch-form, bite alignment, and beautiful smile. Invisalign typically moves your teeth more quickly than traditional braces, and it does so invisibly. Other people will not know you are wearing braces because Invisalign trays are almost invisible.

Invisalign treatment looks better than traditional metal brackets and wires. Both adults and teenagers prefer this over the traditional method of moving teeth. Patients are not embarrassed or self conscious of having to worry whether other people see that they are undergoing orthodontic treatment.  Invisalign is nearly invisible.

You will be wearing your clear aligners at 22 to 23 hours a day, only removing the trays to eat, brush and floss. Patients receive a set of trays that are typically changed out every 2 weeks.  Unlike metal bracket and wire orthodontic treatment, removing your trays when brushing and flossing allows for better oral hygiene; as a result, your gums are more healthy and less likely to be red or inflamed.

Patients will be able to see the predicted end result in a digital simulation of their teeth movement. All of Dr. Dinh’s patients are happy with their Invisalign treatment. Most patients often ask themselves why they did not start sooner! Give yourself the gift of a beautiful straighter smile!

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