Patient Resources

Welcome to Lakeside Dental Designs!

If you haven’t been to Lakeside Dental Designs and would like to make an appointment with us for either a New Patient Comprehensive Exam or a Consultation. Please visit our New Patient and fill out a Patient Registration page so that we can get you started right away.

If you wonder if we would take your insurance, you don’t have to go anywhere because the answer is Yes. We take almost all major insurances in-network and out-of-network with us. But still visit our Insurance page to get a better idea of what type of payment and what our in-network insurances are.

We love our patients. We believe everyone deserves to receive dental care as they need it. This philosophy we keep in our core which inspires us to develop and Savings Program for those who do not have dental Insurance. Our Savings Program will allow everyone to receive dental services from a top-notch dental practice as Lakeside Dental Designs at a reasonable and affordable cost. Please visit our Savings Program to learn more about this.

We believe “Sharing is Caring”. Whenever our patients share and refer their dental experience at Lakeside Dental Designs with their family and friends, we want to reward that loyalty. Visit our Referral Program to check our various gift options for you.

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