Root Canal

When it comes to root canals, patients in Peabody, MA can turn to Lakeside Dental Designs for a procedure that is comfortable and stress-free. We understand that hearing the word “root canal” can cause fear and anxiety. This is why we are committed to a warm and friendly environment. Dr. Minh Dinh believes that every dental procedure should be as comfortable as possible or painless.

 A tooth will need a root canal if the decay has progressed to the pulp (ie: blood vessels and nerves of the tooth). Once this happens, the tooth can have a painful or very sensitive response to changes in temperature in the mouth such as cold food or water, tapping or even biting. A tooth that has become infected or necrotic will also need a root canal.

Dr. Minh C. Dinh will clean out all of the inflamed or necrotic pulp tissue, disinfect the inner portion of the tooth and seal up the access hole. A cap or crown will be placed over the tooth for further protection of the tooth. At Lakeside Dental Designs in Peabody, MA we have many years of experience performing successful root canals to save a tooth and get our patients out of pain.

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