An extraction is the permanent removal of a tooth usually because of infection, trauma, crowding or disease. For patients with teeth crowding in the dental arch, teeth can also be removed prior to orthodontic treatment (ie: braces). A tooth can also be extracted when it is causing the patient pain and other options to save the tooth are not viable.

We do both simple and surgical extractions for patients of all ages, children and adults. We are experiencing comfortable extracting teeth that have erupted through the gum lines and teeth that are embedded below the gum line.  

Before the tooth is extracted, you will have a consultation with Dr. Minh C. Dinh and he will perform a thorough examination of the tooth and surrounding regions. Dr. Dinh will discuss treatment options for the tooth: optimal and alternative treatment plans. This is a great opportunity to discuss your oral health concern. If it is decided that the tooth will be extracted, you and Dr. Dinh will discuss about the next  most advantageous solution for this space.

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