Bone Grafting

In a bone graft procedure, the doctor will take special bone grafting material and apply the graft it into your jaw bone. Bone grafts are used as a filler and scaffold to facilitate bone formation and promote wound healing. Bone grafts can be used to augment or preserve the bony dimension of a site such as after an extraction procedure or grafted during implant placement. These bone grafts act as a mineral reservoir which induces new bone formation.

All-on-4 Fixed Implant Prosthesis

The All-on-4 Fixed Implant Prosthesis is considered one of the best solutions for patients with all their teeth missing in either one or both upper and lower dental arches. More and more patients are starting to ask for the full arch fixed implant bridge solution to restore their mouth of missing teeth with a more non-removable option. Ask us how Lakeside Dental Designs All-on-4 solution can help you get your radiant smile back!

Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures are overdentures that are attached to and retained by implants for stability and retention when speaking, eating, smiling and talking. We highly recommend implant overdentures because they are more retentive, stable and offer patients a much higher quality of life and function versus traditional dentures.

Implant Placement

Implants have revolutionized treatment for missing teeth and Lakeside Dental Designs is thrilled to offer this service to its patients. Our implants are expertly placed with the help of advanced technology at Lakeside Dental Designs. For example, we use CBCT imaging to diagnose and plan your case. Your case is very meticulously planned and placement of implant with Dr. Minh Dinh is accurate to ensure a high success rate.

Root Canal

A tooth will need a root canal if the decay has progressed to the pulp (ie: blood vessels and nerves of the tooth). Once this happens, the tooth can have a painful or very sensitive response to changes in temperature in the mouth such as cold food or water, tapping or even biting. A tooth that has become infected or necrotic will also need a root canal.


An extraction is the permanent removal of a tooth usually because of infection, trauma, crowding or disease. We do both simple and surgical extractions for patients of all ages, children and adults. We are experiencing comfortable extracting teeth that have erupted through the gum lines and teeth that are embedded below the gum line.

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